The Lost E-Zone

The eastern side of the Empowerment Zone appears to be anything but salvageable. Decaying neighborhoods with only a few structures left standing lie just beyond E. Jefferson Avenue. We find crumbling streets, impassable alleys, sidewalks covered in 6-foot-tall overgrown weeds and trash piled up as high as a two-story home. The volume of abandoned vehicles, discarded furniture and blighted properties certainly sets a tone: you’re in no man’s land now.

Block after block, all that can be seen are severely dilapidated homes and buildings: some without roofs, others without walls, most with the windows shattered and the doors hanging wide open – revealing partially collapsed interiors, filled with debris. Every now and then you might find a pretty home, that someone bought and fixed up, surrounded by an empty block or two of urban prairie.

But for the most part, you won’t find homes, but the remains of homes that once stood there. If there are homes, they have burned and crumbled beyond recognition. Pieces of roofs, rotted out wood, doors, scrap metal and lots of other things, that used to be part of a house. There’s not much left here.


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