7 Little Homes

While most of Detroit’s E-Zone is filled with blight and debris, these 7 little homes have managed to survive.

While there may be only a few left standing, and many remain in a state of disrepair,

Area residents hold them dear to their hearts and cherish every moment that they remain intact.

While many people have left the Empowerment Zone, and have lost any hope of its revival, others have had it their mission to save what’s left of Detroit’s dying neighborhoods, and refuse to leave, even if it means giving up the opportunity to have a better quality of life somewhere else.

To E-Zone residents, leaving means giving up on their neighborhoods, their community and the people they love.

For others, staying is more of an obligation to their family and heritage, for which they carry great pride. When someone has lost everything, leaving behind a home that was passed down through many generations simply isn’t an option.

For many E-Zone residents, holding onto the memories of what they once had is all that they need to get by…

…And all that they need to inspire them to make the E-Zone their home once again.


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