A Tale of Two Cities


Two cities stand at opposing sides of the Detroit River. From a distance, each shine almost like a beacon of light and represent to the other a sense of hope and yearning for a better future and a better life. Standing at the edge of the riverbank, it would be hard for one not to pay notice to the foreign world that appears on the other side. A foreign world that lies so close, yet so far away. So close that some have even attempted to swim across the river to the opposing side, only to be captured by border security agents, who serve as a reminder of how far apart the two cities really are. To imagine that long ago people were able to freely cross the river seems surreal. Yet, one still can’t help but wonder how two cities within walking distance can remain so isolated and cut off from one another. But what lies only a few miles from the riverbank seems unreachable to so many people. Two cities, belonging to two separate nations, each possessing their own unique culture and way of life, each with their own law and government. If only, when the water freezes each winter, we could simply walk across the river.

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