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A Turret on Middlebelt Rd

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Autumn Vines

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A Turret on Telegraph

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Cats in Detroit

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Detroit’s Very Own Racine Street

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Detroit is home to it’s very own Racine Street. Spanning only from Gratiot Avenue to East McNichols Rd, these few city blocks are home to both an urban jungle and industrial ruins, appearing somewhat reminiscent of the city for which it was named after, Racine, Wisconsin, whose very own Racine Street holds a much similar fate.






Happy 313th Birthday, Detroit!

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Happy 313th Birthday, Detroit!


The Last of Temple Street

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I never quite imagined Temple Street without the Temple Hotel. Though its demolition came as no surprise, the Temple Hotel was an iconic figure of the Cass Corridor, without which Temple Street will never be the same. Despite its unfortunate demise, its story remains etched in the memories of every Detroiter, young and old. It’s place in history will not be forgotten, even though it no longer stands next to its surviving Victorian neighbors.




It wasn’t long after the Temple Hotel was gone that its neighbors vanished. Today, all that remains is an empty space. But we will never forget the story of Temple Street, and the beautiful row of Victorians that once stood there.