Delray is one of the most desolate and deteriorated neighborhoods of Detroit. It’s human population is slowing disappearing as people have moved back into Detroit’s more developed and maintained neighborhoods. Overgrown with trees, weeds and grass, it has become an increasingly popular refuge for all forms of wildlife. Deer, possums, raccoons and beavers can be seen wandering the streets during all hours of the day. There are few inhabitable homes in the area and most remaining structures are industrial. When the jobs left, the people left too. On rare days, people can be seen sitting on porches or walking the streets, but on most occasions it would appear as if there were no people there at all. The silence would be enough to convince any visitor that they were in the middle of nowhere. As Delray continues to be slowly reclaimed by nature, all remnants of urban life will disappear and the stories, along with the people, will die with the neighborhood.