James Scott Mansion


Detroit’s famous ‘Peterboro Castle’, or better known as the James Scott Mansion, served as the private residence of James Scott during Detroit’s Gilded Age. James Scott died in 1910 and the mansion was converted into apartments. The mansion remained in nearly excellent condition through the 1960s only to have later been gutted by fire. While much of the facade was destroyed in the blight, much of the mansion still remains intact today. The Peterboro Castle lives on with a unique story and reputation and remains an important icon for the Detroit area.

Within the ruins of much of Detroit’s Cass Corridor, remnants of the areas’ once beloved Richardsonian architecture can be found. These mansions, constructed from the late 1800s throughout the early 1900s featured a beautiful castle-like facade on the front side and a windowless brick wall on the rear side. This “wall” was designed to create a buffer between the mansion and other neighboring homes, which stood within a few feet of the property – allowing it to retain its elegance while creating a barrier that sound and other disturbances could not penetrate.